Home should reflects your personality n Proffession..

An artist’s home should reflect his/her personality n proffession,sportsman should reflects their,Teachers theirs,Travellers theirs,chefs theirs,so on and on..it doest mean doctor keeps surgicle tools or cops should hang pistols on wall as a wall art😀..

Ya..but when once should started planing to do interiors and decorating homes of different peraonalities and of different proffessions,aura of theirs personality n proffession should reflects occurs,incorporate.

This things not only for thier guests or visitors to feel but also importantly for their self.

The  things we love most,the things we love to do more,such things will become our habits,our choices which automatically became our personality

So accordingly every single human being differs from each other as per their personality,proffession,choices,needs and most importantly what they love…


interior designing…what, when means

HOLA👏👌….. All lovely people out their and thanx for reading my blog.

As you saw the heading of this blog,what is interior designing??rather what interior designers do exactly??which all work he/she do if i appoint???

           Well!well!well!….i will not gone tell you acadamic definations,which taught in interior designing schools…i will gone tell you,  in a very general language, which any person can understand….

Interior designing is a ART, art to imagine spaces, Art to understand clients requirement & more artistic is,all those requirements  will fullfill in a very creative,usefull and aesthetically good manner. Micro process of all these things I will tell in a later on blogs… But first we need to understand basic concept. Will give very easy example  to understand the process…

If  Ryan (random name)  not feeling well, he will go to the doctor..he will tell doctor about his illness… What doctor will do? They will first understand what you want to say and then do check ups as per need….they will ask some questions to confirm… And then tell to Ryan what the desease exactly and which tablate he have to take, he will prescribe company name of the tablets and duration of taking it… So after that Ryan will understand desease,he will go to the Medicle shop buy medicines from them and will recover soon… Same process applies about interior designer.. and IMP fact in all this procedure”TRUST”…ryan trust his doctor that’s why he purchased same medicines from shop.. And he recovered.

So,the whole picture is same as described in above example… First you yourself have to think about.. “I Need to do interiors “of my house or want to renovate it.. “First confirm with yourself.. then go to interior designer,if you don’t no any interior designer find them…select between 3 to 4  options…cause if you increase the number it will create confusion…and you will end up with nothing…once you finalize,show your home space & requirements..they will see your house Analise it.. Then they will give you suggestions and also prescribe quotation..if you are okay with it… further procedure will take place. .They will  give you further drawings… Everything that needed to fulfill your dream home.

Again the point is if you “TRUST”your interior designer for his imagination,about creativity..then only give job to him/her..”AFTERALL YOU ARE PAYING FOR THEIR CREATIVE MIND”…they charge for that only…

Some people gives suggestions/opinions about designing the space… Suitable,needy & useful opinions are always welcome from clients. . But if it will not worth… Hand over the designing all “ARTISTIC” creative part on their shoulder… Be RELAX😎..and enjoy your life… Last but not the list,Have faith on them,give free hand,  then they magically convert your space to “HOME”…and will give new Dimention to your 🏡